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Natalie is sad there is no more drink....


So my Saturday for Dinner we went to Saigon.  The food was average and the service was too.  Three of us ordered drinks. I ordered beer but the other had cocktails.  They took forever to come out, but my friend enjoyed their cocktails.  The overall winner was the “Zentini.”  My friend Natalie (pictured left) described it as refreshing.  The waitress seemed to not be very comfortable with English and as a result there was a mistake made with a friend’s order.  They gave him an appetizer instead of a main dish.  When he mentioned it to the waitress fixed the problem, but quickly removed the appetizer from the table.  I have NEVER seen a restaurant do this before.  Typically, they ask if you want to keep it or if you would like for them to remove it.  This did not happen.

On a scale from 1-5 I would give Saigon a 2.5….

Greenhouse Tavern:

Fortunately, the night did end on a high note!  The Greenhouse Tavern is fairly new addition to East 4th Street.  The whole concept behind the tavern is sustainability.  All the food comes from local farms and they do everything they can to be “green.”

Wallpaper 2

Wallpaper 2

The interior of the GReenhouse is very chic and minimalist.  There was quite an eclectic crowd ranging from hipster/hippie types all the way to your typical club type douche bags.  The music was great and they have an excellent selection of beers, wines, and cocktails.  PLUS, the prices for the drinks were not bad.  The service was great.  In retrospect, my friends and I should have just one to Greenhouse for dinner.  None of us had any food, but I would not be surprised if the food is just as good or not better as everything else the Greenhouse does!

Greenhouse gets a 4 with room for an upgrade once I finally get to try some of the food!

The pics below are of the wallpaper in the men’s restroom.

Wallpaper 2

Wallpaper 2


So the weather this weekend has been ridiculously nice!  I am infinitely happier now that the sun is out and I can wear shorts and sandals.  To fully enjoy the nice weather some friends and I decided to go downtown and check out East 4th Street.

East 4th is a really nice and cool street with a bunch of restaurants and bars.  There is even a martini bowling alley!  the actual street is closed to car traffic so a bunch of the restaurants have large patios for people to enjoy nice weather such as we have been experiencing this weekend.

My first time to East 4th I went to Zócalo which is a Mexican restaurant.  The food isn’t the best, but I am also very particular about Mexican food being from Texas and all….  The best thing about Zócalo is the huge list of Tequila (they are also a “Tequileria”)!  They have an amazing variety and it is really amazing how different Tequilas can taste from one another.

However, last night’s adventure did not include any Tequila or margaritas.  😦  j/k

Instead my friends and I decided to try out a Vietnamese restaurant, Saigon, and a cool tavern, Greenhouse.  I’ll give lil’ reviews in my next blog 😉

I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal this morning and found it very interesting.

First, it has to deal with two banks that have been apart of the Cleveland business scene for over a century, and secondly, it talks about the current financial crisis America and the World are experiencing.

People seem to forget that Cleveland is one of the financial centers of the country.  Three major banks, Key Corp, National City, and AMTrust are all headquartered downtown.  National City is no long an independent entity, but was bought out buy the Pittsburgh bank, PNC Financial.

To quickly paraphrase and add my opinion/spin, the government has been handling this crisis in a rather capricious manner and has not been upfront with the American people.  It is obvious, from the article, that National City should have been allowed to survive while AmTrust maybe not…. There is so much confusion within the markets because of the actions of the government, and in order to help make things more clear for people the government MUST come up with a much more methodical and systematic approach to dealing with the crisis.

I think they are making progress, but the much more must be done.


So today we recorded podcasts for a project…  My team decided to do a plot synopsis of Romeo & Juliet with a So Cal Valley Girl twist.  The Podcast is pretty hysterical.  I’m trying to figure out how to upload the podcast on here, so y’all can hear it.  Hopefully soon.

From Gloomy Gray to Beautiful Blue???

Apr 22, 2009

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The crazy pic pretty much describes how I have felt today… All sorts of craziness and mixed-up-ness, This morning the weather was utter crap, but then I get out of my Management class and there are blue skies dotted with a few white clouds. I really do not understand Cleveland and its weather. It is all over the place and changes so rapidly.

So I forgot to write a blog on Friday (why I am titling this blog 4/17/09). I’ve been tryin to think of everything I do that might be of interest to folks, but there really is not anything…

Right now, I am stuck in an Orchestra rehearsal and we are doing compositional readings… These rehearsals are not the most enjoyable experience. I wouldn’t necessarily that I am a huge contemporary music fan. There are some really cool pieces out there that have been written in the past decade, but there a BILLION other things that I need to be doing besides sitting here.

Sorry for the negative “bitchy” tone of this post but just something I needed to get off my chest.

PS I am doing this whole via my iPhone…

So, I heard about this video via a Wall Street Journal podcast that I just recently subscribed to. Lindsay has been all over the place in her not so private life as well as her career. It is kinda nice to see a celebrity poke fun at themselves and to do it for an online dating site too!!!

OK, so I think I have finally figured out what my blog’s theme will be. CLEVELAND! Just anything Cleveland related wether it be serious or just some funny (as this post will be).

This video basically sums up my thoughts on Cleves….

One of my really good friends had her Senior Recital tonight (and she sounded really great!), and afterwards her family offered to take myself and a couple other friends out to dinner.  My friend chose Brasa Grill.  Brasa is a Brazilian steakhouse that offers an amazing salad bar that any vegetarian would be perfectly content with and not feel left out during the meal and 15 (yes 15!) different meat options.  There was beef, chicken, turkey, lamb (my friend’s mom’s personal fav), pork, and I’m sure that I am forgetting a few others.  They bring you the meats on a “sword” and the waiter slices a piece off and before they finishing cutting your piece off u have to grab it with a pair of tongs.  It is really a fun restaurant to go to with friends and family for a special occasion.


The Jazz Singer (1927), the first film to have synchronized sound, aka  a “Talkie” had a huge influence on the film industry.  It is impossible for members of my generation to imagine that movies did not always have sound or that the sound was not perfectly synchronized with what was happening on the screen.

I just finished working on a project in one of my classs where we had to make a short film and add in sound effects, a soundtrack, and edit the film to make it presentable for the WORLD to see!

If it had not been for this first complete “talkie,” this porject would proably be pretty boring for anyone to watch.  A lot of  my group’s film was dependent on dialogue and if it had not been for The Jazz Singer our film would be a definite SNOOZER!  Plus my group members and myself are not the best actors…

A random thought on da’  “Talkie”….  it allowed for the existence of music videos and thus the creation of MTV!!!!!!!