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So much to people’s surprise I can now make movies via Final Cut and iMovie….

Yes, I was a late bloomer, but I know feel somewhat confident in my amateur skills as a viedographer. LOL!

Comps. & Mus. (what I refer to as MUGN 308) has been a super sweet class and wish I could dive more into detail of Reason and Final Cut.

BTW: I do not think our video project is completely legit as far as fair use is considered. I personally used a lot of copyright material and in some cases in large quantities. Yes, the project is for educational uses but the project violates the possible impact, financially, if I was made to actually purchase the songs, videos, etc…




Not nearly as bad as you are probably thinking.

Went to Zócalo with a friend from high school who goes to Oberlin. I haven’t been able to hang out with her in months, and it was about time that we got to together!!!

We decided to go to Zócalo because it was Cinco de Mayo and her and I both being from Texas were in some desperate need of Mexican food. I was starving and was basically inhaling the chips, and by the time the entrees had arrived I was already [pretty full. That did not stop me. I continued the inhalation of my meal and soon my stomach was upset with me. We left the restaurant, and I dropped my friend off at her car. I went home and decided I needed a nap before going to a bassoon recital. HOWEVER, I did not wake up until this morning 12 hours later!!!!! Yeah….


So last week I decided to join the bandwagon. I have been hearing a ton about the site for the past couple of months and thought I would go check it out. The site is pretty simple in its lay out (kinda how facebook use to be) and overall I like the idea of the “microblog.” I wish more of my really close friends from high school and here at school would get a twitter account because I like the idea of knowing what’s going on in their lives since you can’t always keep in touch via phone or whatever. Here’s a short video explaining and here’s a link to my twitter

The past couple of nights I’ve tried to make the responsible decision of going to bed at a resonable hour (before midnight), and the past two nights my roommate has come home and woken me up!!! The first night I do not think she had been drinking, but last night I know for a fact that she was at a party with some of her friends. I think I had been asleep for at least a few hours and then around 2:30AM I hear the door slam shut and she is talking to someone. She then proceeds to turn on a bunch of the lights in the apartment and make lots of noise. She is a nice girl but I blame it on the alcohol…

So excited that it is Cinco de Mayo, but sad I can’t fully celebrate cause of a final tomorrow…

Hope this video puts a smile on your y’all’s faces. 😀

Now that it is Spring time the sun is coming out and everyone should start wearing sunscreen. Even up here in Cleveland the sun can still harm your skin and all that jazz….

Talking about sunscreen has reminded of a good ole’ song that I think everyone should hear at least once if not more…

It’s finally MAY!!!! too bad the weather is foul… Only a little bit longer until I leave Cleveland for good! It is really weird to think that I will not be here anymore. Honestly, I am not too sad to be leaving. During the school year the weather is absolutely horrible and overall depressing, but the two summers that I have been in Cleveland the weather was actually pleasant. It is a shame that the weather can’t be like that during classes.

So I’ve decided to share a video of a song that I am kinda obsessed with at the moment…

Preface: These makeup entries I’ve decided to write in present tense even though everything that happened last week….

Last night I had a rehearsal for a lil’ gig I am doing as a favor for a friend. It is for the Blazing Rivers Freedom Band aka Cleveland’s Gay Band, and that is not gay as in happy but in the homosexual manner. The rehearsal was fun and it brought me back to the days of high school band. Everyone was really nice and it was nice to be playing just for the fun of it and not worrying about getting every note, being in tune, etc. The concert is next week on the 6th, and the concert dress is black pants with colorful shirts. I think it is to create a “rainbow” on stage….

Here’s a link to their website.

My apologizes to all y’all. Finals have been kicking me in the ass and as a result have not really had time to breath let alone blog. BUT I”M BACK!!!!!!!

So these next couple of blogs will be my attempt to catch up….

Ok, so my time here in Cleveland is almost up, and I think it is only appropriate to reflect on some life lessons that I have learned during my four years here.

First, close friends are very very very hard to come across.  I have come across countless amount of people who claim to be friends but seem to only really want stuff from you and are completely incapable of meeting you halfway.  Those friends that really are willing to drop everything to help you in an emergency are really the ones you should make every effort to hold on to.  Friends come and go, but fortunately technology and the internet make much easier now to keep in touch with those friends you cannot always see or chat with.

Secondly, be very careful who’s advice you take.  There are a lot of people out there that will tell you what you want to hear and that advice is completely useless.  I really appreciate friends who can completely honest with me and call me out on my Bull S%$#*.  From time to time, I need a “slap on the face” to help bring me to reality.

Thirdly, the importance of being independent.  I cannot stress enough to my friends that they shouldn’t be so dependent on their significant other especially if they are not completely satisfied with their partner.  I have been guilty of this, but am really starting to realize that these years are the time that I figure out exactly who I am.

Lastly, I have learned that I have very little tolerance for “flakes” and “slow” people.  One thing I have noticed is that people in the midwest move at a much slower rate than what I am use to.  The best example of I can think of is on the road driving.  People in Cleveland actually obey the speed limit and sometimes even drive under it!!!!!!!!!!!!  It drives me (pun intended) completely insane!  As far as “flakes” are concerned, I am constantly surrounded by “flakes” at school.  People seem to really underestimate the power of having an agenda where they can put in their whole lives, so they know exactly when they are free or don;t forget an appointment.

Enough of me ranting…  Here’s another video clip that helps me get back on track.