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So much to people’s surprise I can now make movies via Final Cut and iMovie….

Yes, I was a late bloomer, but I know feel somewhat confident in my amateur skills as a viedographer. LOL!

Comps. & Mus. (what I refer to as MUGN 308) has been a super sweet class and wish I could dive more into detail of Reason and Final Cut.

BTW: I do not think our video project is completely legit as far as fair use is considered. I personally used a lot of copyright material and in some cases in large quantities. Yes, the project is for educational uses but the project violates the possible impact, financially, if I was made to actually purchase the songs, videos, etc…




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  1. Jordan,

    I just want to say that you really came out of your shell there at the end of class, and I’m really proud of you. I’m particularly pleased with how hard you worked on your podcast and the effort you put into the final exam.

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