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Ok, so my time here in Cleveland is almost up, and I think it is only appropriate to reflect on some life lessons that I have learned during my four years here.

First, close friends are very very very hard to come across.  I have come across countless amount of people who claim to be friends but seem to only really want stuff from you and are completely incapable of meeting you halfway.  Those friends that really are willing to drop everything to help you in an emergency are really the ones you should make every effort to hold on to.  Friends come and go, but fortunately technology and the internet make much easier now to keep in touch with those friends you cannot always see or chat with.

Secondly, be very careful who’s advice you take.  There are a lot of people out there that will tell you what you want to hear and that advice is completely useless.  I really appreciate friends who can completely honest with me and call me out on my Bull S%$#*.  From time to time, I need a “slap on the face” to help bring me to reality.

Thirdly, the importance of being independent.  I cannot stress enough to my friends that they shouldn’t be so dependent on their significant other especially if they are not completely satisfied with their partner.  I have been guilty of this, but am really starting to realize that these years are the time that I figure out exactly who I am.

Lastly, I have learned that I have very little tolerance for “flakes” and “slow” people.  One thing I have noticed is that people in the midwest move at a much slower rate than what I am use to.  The best example of I can think of is on the road driving.  People in Cleveland actually obey the speed limit and sometimes even drive under it!!!!!!!!!!!!  It drives me (pun intended) completely insane!  As far as “flakes” are concerned, I am constantly surrounded by “flakes” at school.  People seem to really underestimate the power of having an agenda where they can put in their whole lives, so they know exactly when they are free or don;t forget an appointment.

Enough of me ranting…  Here’s another video clip that helps me get back on track.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. The driving thing I think is due to all the speed traps though. There are so many more cops here, and cameras and whatnot. I remember when I moved here thinking how slowly everyone drove, it was crazy, but the speed limits are set really low too. And as for flakes, that is my #1 pet peeve. So now you know why I’m annoyed when people are late to class!!!!

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